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The IADS Project

The Ayeyarwady Delta is a very complex and vulnerable system, facing impacts of climate change and future socio-economic developments. Myanmar and the Netherlands are working step by step together in the development of an Integrated Ayeyarwady Delta Strategy (IADS).
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Delta Atlas

State of the Delta, a baseline in strategy development

Development of strategy

A step by step approach of the project team and the Myanmar government departments

Lessons learned and next steps

A next step will be a Delta masterplan including insights in investments for implementation of measures.

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In the Netherlands we say that a picture shows more than a 1000 words. Below some impressions of the on-going work for the IADS Project and the Ayeyarwady Delta in general.

IADS in a Nutshell

Ayeyarwady Delta

Impressions of the Ayeyarwady Delta


Check out our dates that we visit Myanmar.

  • December 2016

    Inception phase

  • February 2017

    Working Groups Start up

  • March 2017

    Sessions towards a Delta Atlas

  • June 2017

    Sessions on trends, measures and strategies

  • September 2017

    Sessions toward a strategy

  • December 2017

    Draft IADS Report

  • Feb 2018

    Start IADS Phase B

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The IADS Team

Team in Myanmar

U Khin Latt

Deputy Team leader

Tanya Huizer

Project Coordinator

Khin Myat Thu

Assistant Project
Manager (NEPS)

U Aye Myint

Delta Key Expert

Johannes de Groot

Geotechnical expert and
support (Arcadis)

Zin Myo Thu

Key Expert Mangroves
and support (IUCN)

Team in the Netherlands

Rob Steijn

Project manager

Peter Kerssens

Team Leader and
Coach Governance team

Enrico Moens

Coach infrastructure
team (Sweco)

Tjitte Nauta

Coach baseline
team (Deltares)

Arie van Duijn

Coach occupation
team (Wageningen UR)

Ad Jeuken

Senior expert Adaptive
Delta Management (Deltares)

Key experts

Mart Veeken

Strategy designer
(Ink Strategy)

Tristan Ozero

Strategy designer
(Ink Strategy)

Hermjan Barneveld

river and flood
risk management (HKV)

Kees Sloff

Numerical modelling
team (Deltares)

Andrew Wyatt

Delta environmental system
and economy (IUCN)

Martijn Steenstra

Spatial planning and
land use (Sweco)

Cor van Duin


Stijn Reinhard

Delta agriculture
economy (WUR)

Maaike van Aalst

Delta economy

Martine Leewis

Governance and
stakeholders (Arcadis)

Catharien Terwisscha

Delta planning

Martine Rutten

Capacity building



Delta Atlas

Lessons Learned

Vietnamese Mekong

IADS Phase A

Executive Summary

Contact Us

Please send a message to our contact person in Myanmar Tanya Huizer.